Baseline Report 2012/2013

17 October 2017

In response to the Food Security crisis declared in 2012 by the Government of Lesotho, FAO Lesotho designed an Emergency and Resilience Programme (ERP) in partnership with the MAFS and MFLR. FAO Lesotho ERP promotes, over a cycle of three years, sustainable and integrated agriculture practices leading to increased resilience of rural communities

This Baseline survey (2012-2013) covers a sample of 270 families from a total of 11,000 households enrolled in the FAO Lesotho ERP  in 2012. The survey covers all 10 districts of the country and the three main agro ecological zones.

Attachment: Download PDF (1.74 MB) Baseline_Report_ FAO_ Lesotho_ 2012_2013.pdf