Lesotho Land Cover Atlas Flyer

17 October 2017

This flyer explain the new National Land Cover database supported by FAO in Lesotho and funded from the European Commission Humanitarian Aid Department (ECHO) and the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC). The land cover database covering the entire territory of Lesotho is developed through multi-spectral image fusion (or pan sharpening) technique using the following two sets of images: satellite imagery (Rapid Eye 2014) at lower spatial resolution (5 m) but higher spectral resolution (visible and infrared bands); and, the panchromatic band of aerial photography (ortho-photos 2014) at very high spatial resolution (0.5 m) but lower spectral resolution. The Land Cover Atlas can be downloaded from this link;  http://www.lesothocsa.com/uploads/5/2/0/9/52092147/web_lc-atlas.pdf



Attachment: Download PDF (1.14 MB) Lesotho_Land_Cover_Atlas_Flyer.pdf