Lesotho: Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Sector (WASH) overview

22 December 2010

As a result of the 2015/16 El Niño-induced drought, Lesotho experienced a severe decline in recharge of aquifers and springs, with many water sources either dried up or flowed to the minimum yield. This had a number of impacts, including water scarcity for human and livestock consumption, water-borne and animal disease outbreaks as well as malnutrition. The Rapid Drought Impact Assessment (Jan. 2016) revealed that up to 56% of communities were using unprotected water sources and up to 83% were dissatisfied with their water quality. Additionally, 33-67% had access to less than 30 lit/person/day. According to the Ministry of Water Affairs, more than 302,000 people were identified to be in need of water supply at the beginning of the emergency.

Attachment: Download PDF (2.19 MB) WASH_Brochure_Sector_Overview_19Oct2017.pdf