Post Planting Report 2013/2014

17 October 2017

In response to the Food Security crisis declared in 2012 by the Government of Lesotho, FAO Lesotho designed an Emergency and Resilience Programme (ERP) in partnership with the MAFS and MFLR. FAO Lesotho ERP promotes, over a cycle of three years, sustainable and integrated agriculture practices leading to increased resilience of rural communities. ERP is structured around three pillars of action: Sustainable production, Capacity development and Information and analysis.

This Post Planting survey (2013-2014) contains information about both Group 1 and Group 2, with 110 HH sampled from Group 1 and 100 HH sampled from Group 2. These families are selected from the larger groups interviewed for the Baselines and Post-Harvest surveys. The survey covers all 10 districts of the country and the three main agro ecological zones.

Attachment: Download PDF (1.83 MB) Post_Planting_Report_FAO_Lesotho_2013_2014.pdf